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          Royal Scottish Lavender

          Creed Royal Scottish Lavender

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          Made more than 100 years ago for British lords and ladies, Royal Scottish Lavender captures a favorite imperial getaway: Balmoral Castle in Scotland.
          Gentle lavender grows in the highlands -- the countryside -- around Balmoral. On these vast, private lands, the royal family for generations has found refuge from the public eye -- and recreation ranging from hiking to picnics.
          Creed Royal Scottish Lavender is a touch of country calm, with a fine lavender middle note topped by citrus and bergamot upon a foundation of vanilla, sandalwood and spices.
          Creed Royal Scottish Lavender has since been vaulted by the House of Creed.


          Floral / Fresh


          Fresh, floral, sweet and spicy. The actions on the emotions of its therapeutic raw materials (vanilla, sandalwood and lavender) are gently relaxing.


          Top note: Citrus, bergamot
          Middle note: Lavender
          Base note: Vanilla, sandalwood and spicy notes

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