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          Baie de Genievre

          Creed Baie de Genievre

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          The name of Creed's Baie de Genievre comes from one of its raw materials: the juniper berry. In French, "baie" means "berry". "Genievre" means "juniper". To get the most exquisite scent, Creed gives the juniper berry two to three years to ripen, picks it by hand and dries it. The rest is a secret, but some say this fine Creed fragrance smells like that other juniper berry concoction: the dry gin martini. Baie de Genievre is a green, fruity and spicy fragrance of enduring elegance and style.
          Creed Baie de Genievre has since been vaulted by the House of Creed.


          Woody-Spicy / Rich


          Peppery, fruity, spicy, woody, leaf of cinnamon tree and Bourbon vetiver.


          Top note: Bergamot, cinnamon leaves
          Middle note: Clove, juniper berry
          Base note: Vetiver, ambergris


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