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          Olivier Creed, sixth-generation master perfumer, created Amalfi Flowers in 2007, a limited-edition fragrance for women that captures the euphoria of sunrise in the garden of Villa Rufolo on Italy’s shimmering Amalfi Coast. A heart-lifting aria of fragrance, Amalfi Flowers lives only once. Only 375 bottles were offered worldwide, presented in Italian leather atomizers.
          Creed Amalfi Flowers has since been vaulted by the House of Creed.


          Floral / Fresh


          As Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin, walked the garden paths of the exquisite Villa Rufolo perched above the Amalfi Coast, the first light of dawn and morning breezes stirred a soft harmony of scent. Plump Amalfi lemons, roses of Ravello and bougainvillea blended in the Mediterranean air and light. Mr. Creed paused with his son to draft the first notes of Amalfi Flowers, a masterful composition perfected in further travels throughout Italy and in Creed’s Paris workshop over the next several months.


          Top note: Succulent Amalfi lemon, bougainvillea of Maiori, mandarin orange of Sicily, basil, bergamot, black currant and Jamaican ginger.
          Middle note: Patchouli, roses of Ravello and iris from Florence.
          Base note: Ambergris, Parma violets, sandalwood and notes of Russian leather.


          Fleur de Gardenia
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