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          Les Royales Exclusives, Custom Edition

          Creed Les Royales Exclusives, Custom Edition


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          "Les Royales Exclusives Collection was created exclusively with the noblest essences and rarest infusion technique. It has been designed, made, filtered by hand in the finest tradition of The House of Creed, founded in 1760 by James Creed.” – Olivier Creed

          Honoring perfumery’s finest traditions, still practiced by Creed: hand-crafted Pochet glass bottle with Creed’s crest fully etched in gold or gold and silver.

          Estimated delivery is up to 16 weeks from date of purchase in the following fragrances: Jardin D'Amalfi, Pure White Cologne, Spice and Wood, Sublime Vanille and White Flowers. Available in Gold Edition 8.4oz, 250 ml and Gold & Silver Edition 8.4 oz, 250ml.


          - Client’s initials will be gold stamped in capital letters on a one-of-a-kind flacon
          - Custom gold stamp up to three initials.
          - Optional date stamp available.
          - Available in Capital or Script letters.
          - Non-removable-silver spray pump, available upon request.
          - As a token of appreciation, each Custom Edition comes with a Leather Atomizer 1.7oz , wrapped in gold Italian leather etched with Creed’s family crest. Ideal for travel with a shatterproof, take-anywhere refillable spray.
          - Atomizer does not contain fragrance.


          Step 1 - Specify your desired initials: 2 to 3 initials are possible.
          Step 2 - Would you like to have a date stamp on your label? If yes, specify the date in the appropriate field (e.g. 14 July 2012).
          Step 3 - Click the save button below the initials and optional date fields.
          Step 4 - Choose your fragrance within the Royales Exclusives collection: Jardin d’Amalfi, Pure White Cologne, Spice and Wood, Sublime Vanille, White Flowers.
          Step 5 - Choose your custom font: Block or Script as well as the edition color you would like: All Gold or Gold & Silver.
          Step 6 - Would you like to add an optional non-removable silver spray pump to your flacon? Choosing the non-removable spray pump option will prohibit you from re-filling your complimentary atomizer. 
          Step 7 - You can click the "View summary" button, which will display a summary of your options. Then, when you are ready, click the "Add to cart" button.

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