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          Spring Flower Perfumed Oil

          Creed Spring Flower Perfumed Oil


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          Creed perfumed oils are a contemporary offering to meet the demands of today's eco-minded clients. An alcohol-free way to enjoy Creed fragrances in natural oil blends, Creed perfumed oils provide gentle soothing and mild conditioning to the skin. Scented to match Creed Spring Flower.
          2.5oz, 75ml


          Fruity / Floral / Fresh


          Skin softening dry oils contain:
          - Less than 3% essential oils
          - Aloe - heals and soothes the skin
          - Calendula - anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated tissue
          - Carob Tree - absorbs and neutralizes free radicals
          - Recommended for a moisturizing skin treatment after the shower or bath to enhance moisture retention.


          Top note: Peach, melon, apple
          Middle note: Jasmine, rose
          Base note: Musk, ambergris


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