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          Frequently Asked Questions



          Who are we?

 is the official online store for Creed fragrances in North America, offering the largest assortment of authentic Creed fragrances and ancillary products by exclusive agreement with the Creed family and company in Paris. is managed by International Cosmetics and Perfumes (ICP), the North American representatives for Creed.

          What are the benefits of shopping on your site?

          As the official online store for Creed Fragrances in North America, we offer guaranteed authentic Creed fragrances created by the House of Creed in France. Additionally, complimentary samples and free standard shipping are offered with every order at

          Where is the Creed Boutique located in NYC?

          The Creed Boutique is located at 794 Madison Avenue, New York NY, 10065.
          Phone: (212) 439-7777. Business hours are Monday – Saturday 10am–7pm and Sunday 12 noon-6pm EST.
          Where can I find guaranteed authentic Creed products in my area?

          Authentic Creed fragrances can be found at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, select Saks Fifth Avenue stores and a handful of Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's locations in the US as well as Jas Ogilvy and some Holt Renfrew locations in Canada. In cities where none of these retailers are present, we occasionally designate a small, independent boutique as an authorized retailer. Please visit our store locator for details on authorized retailers in your area.

          Is shopping online at your site secure?

          Yes. Our shopping cart processes all information by using the latest SSL128-bit security technology.

          Do you keep my personal information?

          Yes, your personal information including name, email address, billing and delivery address when applicable is securely stored in our e-commerce database with the same SSL 128-bit encryption. This information is available for future orders when logging in, so that you do not have to type it again when you come back and shop with us. Credit card information is not stored.

          Do you sell or trade any of my information?

          Absolutely not. We do not sell, trade, or share any of your information with anyone under any circumstances. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

          How do I contact you?

          You may send an email to
          or call us at (877) 532-2733* Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm EST.
          *For product-related questions on purchases made with an Authorized Retailer,
          please contact the retailer directly. 

          Do you offer discounts?

          We do not offer any discounts on our products. If you would like to be notified of our new product launches and exclusive online events, please sign up to our mailing list.

          Why are other sites allowed to discount Creed? Are their products real?

          Authorized Creed retailers do not discount authentic Creed products. Retailers offering Creed products at discounted prices are not representatives of Creed. This means that these retailers do not work with us, the North American representatives for The House of Creed. As such, there is no way for us to verify the product purchased at unauthorized retailers which could be old, fake, tampered with or defective.


          Do you offer samples?

          Yes! Complimentary samples are offered with every order.

          I asked for specific samples in my order, but received something else. Why?

          We strive to accommodate all sample requests for orders at However, substitutions will be made if the original requests are not in stock. 

          Can I buy samples?

          Individual samples are not available for purchase at authorized retailers including On occasion, sample coffrets are available for purchase for a limited time while supplies last. To be notified of the next sample coffret launch, please sign up to our mailing list.


          How do I register a new account?

          Click on My Account in the upper right hand corner of any page. Then enter an email address and password you will remember and continue to enter your information when requested.

          How do I place an order?

          Products are available from the main menu and are also searchable via the search box in the upper right hand corner of the website. On each product page, select the size of the item you would like, if applicable, and then the quantity you want to order and add the item to your cart. Continue to add additional items to your cart or continue through to the check out process.

          Can I request what samples arrive with my order?

          Yes! You will be prompted for your sample requests during the checkout process. We recommend listing up to two samples for every item ordered as this will allow us to choose the most appropriate samples for you if some are out of stock.

          What forms of payment do you accept?

          We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express via the secured online payment processor, Payments are also accepted via PayPal and bank wire.

          Do you charge tax?

          Sales tax is applied to orders shipping to New York State. Price adjustments will be applied to orders shipping to Canada to match the current CAD price and tax rate for Creed in each respective province. Orders based in Canada will not be responsible for international taxes or duties.


          Where do you ship?

          We ship to Canada, Puerto Rico and within the US.

          How much is shipping?

          UPS ground shipping is always free! UPS 3-day delivery is available for $22.00. 2-day delivery is available for $28.00 and overnight delivery is available for $50.00.

          My billing address is different from my shipping address. Will you ship to me?

          Yes. ships to valid street addresses in Canada, Puerto Rico and the US.

          Does ship to PO boxes or APOs?

          Delivery is unavailable to PO boxes and APOs at this time.

          What is standard shipping?

          Standard shipping is offered complimentary via UPS ground which takes an estimated 3-5 business days for delivery. You may view the official UPS shipping map here to estimate the delivery time for your area.

          Do you offer express shipping?

          Yes! Express 3-day, 2-day and overnight delivery is available for an additional fee. However, due to federal regulations, 8.4oz/250ml and larger flacons are available for ground shipping only.

          How do I track the shipping of my order?

          You may view the shipping status of your order by logging into your account and selecting “History and Details of My Orders” and then viewing the details of the respective order. An email will also be sent to the email address provided notifying you of shipping and providing you with tracking information.

          How long will it take for delivery?

          Valid orders placed by 11am EST will ship that same day. Delivery via UPS ground shipping takes an estimated 3-5 business days. Expedited shipping is available for an additional cost. Please note that Saturday delivery is not available.

          My country is not listed on your site. Can you ship to me?

          Shipping is available within Canada, Puerto Rico and the US only.


          What is your return policy?

          Only products in unopened original packaging that have not been tampered with or used in any manner or that are damaged or defective upon delivery may be returned to for a refund or exchange. Please contact customer service to allow a return merchandise authorization to be created for you.

          How do I create a return merchandise authorization?

          Please contact customer service directly at phone number (877) 532-2733 Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm EST to allow a return merchandise authorization to be created for you.

          I used a product once purchased from, but I want to try something else. May I send my product back for something else?

          Only products in unopened original packaging that have not been tampered with or used in any manner or that are damaged or defective upon delivery may be returned to for a refund or exchange.

          Where can I ship my return?

          Once you have received your return merchandise authorization, send your approved item(s) to:
          Creed Boutique, LLC
          Attention: Customer Service
          6 Greek Lane 
          Edison, NJ 08817



          E-GIFT CARDS

          Are there any fees associated with the purchase of an E-Gift Card?

          No. You will only be charged the face value of the E-Gift Card.

          Can I change the value of an E-Gift Card after I’ve paid for it?

          Not at this time.

          Can I cancel my purchase of an E-Gift Card?

          If you chose a delivery date that is in the future, you can cancel your purchase by contacting our customer service at 877-532-2733. If the delivery date is today or in the past, your purchase cannot be cancelled.

          Can I return an E-Gift Card?

          Creed E-Gift Cards cannot be returned or exchanged after they have been delivered to the recipient.

          Can I purchase an E-Gift Card outside of the United States?

          E-Gift Card purchases can be made only with a U.S., Puerto Rican or Canadian credit card. Additionally Creed E-Gift Cards are redeemable on where shipping is only available to the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

          When is my credit card charged for my purchase?

          Your credit card is charged at the time of purchase.

          What will the recipient of my E-Gift Card receive?

          On the delivery date you chose when purchasing the E-Gift Card, an email will be sent to the recipient informing them of your gift with a link to our website and the unique voucher code to use to enjoy their E-Gift Card.

          How do I know the recipient actually received the E-Gift Card I sent them?

          You will receive an email message confirming delivery.

          Where can I redeem my E-Gift Card?

          Creed E-Gift Cards can be used as payment for purchases of any items on

          How do I redeem my E-Gift Card?

          To redeem your card, simply visit, shop your favorite fragrances and enter your unique gift card code at checkout in the “Promo Code” field. The amount of your E-Gift Card will be deducted from your total order.

          What happens if I don’t use the entire value of my E-Gift Card?

          If the total amount of your order is less than the value of your Creed E-Gift Card, you will receive an email indicating the balance remaining on your card with a new unique E-Gift Card code of the corresponding unused value to use toward your next purchase.

          What happens if my order total is more than the value of my E-Gift Card?

          When the total amount of your order exceeds the total value on your Creed E-Gift Card, your credit card will be charged the remaining balance. All of the value on your Creed E-Gift Card will be used first before any amount is charged to your credit card.

          When does my E-Gift Card expire?

          There is no expiration date on your E-Gift Card.

          What if my E-Gift Card was not received?

          If you are not sure if your E-Gift Card reached its destination, we encourage you to contact the recipient directly. Because of spam filters that may block incoming email, the recipient of your E-Gift Card may not have received or seen the card. If you need any assistance, please contact our customer service at 877-532-2733.


          How do I log into my account at

          Select the My Account link in the upper right hand corner of any page. Then enter the email address and password supplied when creating your account.

          I forgot my account password. How do I retrieve it?

          You can retrieve your forgotten password by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password?” link found on the My Account page or during the checkout process while placing a new order.

          How do I add or change my contact information?

          Log into your account using the email address and password associated with your account. Select “My addresses” and choose to update an existing address or add a new one. You may also add or update an address during the checkout process.

          My order was declined and I received a “Payment Error” message? What happened?

          “Payment Error” means that details of your order do not correlate with the method of payment and your order has been declined. Your payment method has not been charged. An incorrect address or even a typo in the payment information will cause an order to be declined. We recommend speaking with your financial institution directly as this may clear up any potential discrepancies or simply reattempting your order ensuring that all information is current and correct.

          I placed an order and received a message that said my payment was held for review. What does this mean?

          Information provided with your order has prompted our online security measures requiring additional review of your order. Please contact customer service at (877) 532-2733 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST to allow us to assist you.

          FRAGRANCES 101

          How do I choose the best scent for me?

          Please visit our Scent Finder to browse Creed scents by olfactive category. Our Customer Services Specialists are also here to help you with personalized recommendations at or on the phone from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm EST at (877) 532-2733.

          What does “Millesime” mean?

          The term "Millesime" as used by Creed has two meanings. First, it indicates that Creed has hand selected the very best crops - including blooms, fruits and spices - from a given year's harvest in creating each batch of Creed fragrance. Second, Creed uses the term to indicate what otherwise is generally known as "Eau de Parfum" strength.

          What is the difference between Parfum, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

          These terms reference the concentration of essential oils in a scent. Parfums are the strongest strength with approximately 25% of essential oils. Eaux de Parfum are the midrange strength consisting of 10-20% and Eaux de Toilette are the lightest strength meaning that these scents contain the least amount of essential oils with a range of 5-15%.

          How do I make my fragrance last throughout the day?

          The most significant influence on scent longevity is ensuring that skin is properly moisturized prior to applying the scent. Layering products with the same scent will also increase the longevity and intensity of a scent.

          Where should I apply fragrance?

          Traditional locations for application include behind the ears and on the pulse points of the neck and the wrists. Some also prefer for the scent to be sprayed on the torso. It is recommended to apply scent directly to the skin to allow the fragrance to blend with one’s chemistry as well as subtlety emit scent when warmed by the body.

          What is an ancillary product?

          An ancillary product is an item scented to match its namesake fragrance exactly and is used to layer and intensify the scent, but is also excellent to wear on its own. Ancillaries are available in the form of lotions, shower gels, after shave balms, deodorants, shaving soaps & bowls, body soaps and perfumed oils. You may view available ancillary items here.

          How do I scent my home?

          The House of Creed offers both candles and home sprays in a selection of Creed’s best selling scents along with aromas exclusive to the home collection.