Radiant Fruity Floral Acqua Fiorentina

After months of bitter cold and barren trees, we welcome the return of blue skies and gentle breezes. Our selection to herald this seasonal transition is the fresh, vibrant Acqua Fiorentina, whose light fruity and floral bouquet evokes the sweet scent of blooming lush orchards in the heart of Italy. This beloved fragrance, deftly blending Diamond Jubilee Apple with Renaissance rose, Calabrian lemon, plum, and white carnation, was reintroduced by master perfumer Olivier Creed in 2012. The beautiful union between floral and fruitful notes creates an uplifting scent that delights the senses and appeals to both classically feminine and modern sensibilities alike.

Top Notes:
Lightly sweet greengage plum: acclaimed by experts to be the finest of dessert plums, these rich, flavorful orbs impart a subtle honeyed juiciness Diamond Jubilee Apples: honoring sixty years of Queen Elizabeth's reign, their sumptuous fragrance is light and elegant Pruneau: dried plums lend a note of warm caramel, simply irresistible

Middle Notes:
Renaissance roses: beautiful full blooms release a wonderfully delicate fragrance White carnations: a soft, pure, classic floral scent Florentine pear: silky, sweet, and effortlessly luxurious Sicilian bergamot: a refreshing and intoxicatingly spicy citrus Calabrian lemons: a sparkling citrus twist

Base Notes:
Virginia cedar: one of the oldest ingredients used in the perfumer's art, this woodsy aromatic has an enchantingly resinous quality Indian sandalwood: the sweet warmth of this prized and precious oil is said to promote relaxation and tranquility White grapefruit: crisper and more refreshing than the red varietal, this tart and tangy citrus has a juicy bite We hope learning more about this distinctive fragrance has enticed you try this prized member of Creed’s family of scents.