Fragrance 101: Greens

It’s safe to say that no other fragrance category brings us as close to the great outdoors as greens. And just like the natural world all round us, they’re diverse—a green perfume can be minty-fresh from peppermint, earthy and grounding from vetiver, bright and zesty with verbena, clean from green tea, or even herbaceous with lavender or basil notes. Each and every one, though, shares that unmistakable quality of smelling…well… green. Technically, green notes are added to a scent to make it feel fresh, crisp, and sharp, but they also add life to a fragrance composition. Keep reading to learn about three of our favorite verdant options. 3 The Sophisticated Green: Royal Mayfair The person who chooses Royal Mayfair is the distinguished type. Indeed, the bold cologne smells just as regal as its origin—though it was reintroduced from the vault in 2015, the scent was created for the Duke of Windsor almost 80 years ago. We imagine its modern-day wearer as the fashionable men and women you’d find frequenting London’s Mayfair shopping district – the kind who aren’t afraid of making a statement. The green notes you’ll pick up here? Scottish Highland Pine, Canadian Cedar, and Australian Ecalyptus, all rounded out with crisp gin, Jamaican Lime, Duke of Windsor Roses, and orange. 4 The True Green: Original Vetiver Just try to find another fragrance that smells as truly green as Original Vetiver. Add a spray on each wrist and it’s immediately refreshing, earthy, rich, and grounding. On top of the grassy vetiver notes, it has zesty bitter orange and bergamot, subtle spices like white pepper and coriander, as well as creamy sandalwood and musk for a sophisticated aura. It’s as groundbreaking as it is vibrant, too. Before Original Vetiver, most vetiver fragrances contained just one part of the plant. But Sixth Generation Master Perfumer, Olivier Creed used a total of three: the fresh, rich heart, the ultra-green leaves, and the root, making it an option that brings to mind sun-filled summer days, no matter what time of the year it is. A true original. Royal_water updated The Unexpected Green: Royal Water Royal Water was introduced in 1997, but it was very much ahead of its time. Like the youth of Britain’s present monarchy, it’s an exceptional and cool green scent. Basil, peppermint and verbena stand out, lending a fresh, herbal air, while citrus notes from lemon, mandarin, clementine, and bergamot make it smell ultra-clean. Bonus: The clear glass bottle, which has the kind of understated chic vibe we imagine would look right at home on any young royals’ vanity.