Anatomy of a Creed Icon: Love in White

A worldly mix of exotic blossoms, Love in White was created by master perfumer Olivier Creed to embody his sailing adventures around the world. The first Creed scent to debut in the U.S., this fresh floral evokes America's most influential women and has been worn by two First Ladies of the United States.  Love in White is a dazzling triumph of the art of perfumery, blending rare ingredients hand-selected from five continents. Top Notes: Orange zest from southern Spain: a bright, uplifting citrus with a sweet, tangy aroma Middle notes: Young iridescent rice husk from Tonkin in the south Asian seas: adds savory richness Iris from Egypt: this soft, mysterious heart note contributes a subtle elegance White jasmine from the Italian coast: an exotic amalgamation of floral and animalic qualities Daffodils from the French Riviera: sometimes referred to as narcissus or jonquil, this heady floral has hypnotic nuances Magnolia from the mountains of Guatemala: with light citrus overtones, this showy blossom exhibits a lush creaminess and is a mainstay of classic feminine perfumes Bulgarian rose: the undisputed ruler of the flower kingdom, rose’s complex bouquet includes hints of green and woodsy notes Base notes: Vanilla from the island of Java: rich with gourmand overtones, vanilla pods are harvested from a tropical flower much like an orchid Ambergris from Calabria: this light, salty-sweet fragrance can exude an aquatic freshness reminiscent of marine notes Sandalwood from Mysore, India: with a pleasant sweetness and lingering warmth, sandalwood is the quintessential woodsy note At once exclusive and welcoming, Love in White is a statement of global unity and peace. We hope learning more about this distinctive fragrance has enticed you try this prized member of Creed’s family of scents. royal oud