The Occasion Collection, Curated by Snob Essentials

When Tina Craig, founder of Snob Essentials – a site that showcases her obsession with beauty, bags, shoes and fashion – was asked to curate a giftset for The House of Creed, there was no question about what scent she wanted to feature. “I fell in love with the intoxicating scent of Fleurissimo more than 15 years ago, when I was newly engaged and shopping for a fragrance to take on my honeymoon,” she says. “It wasn’t until years later that I learned that it was a scent commissioned for a princess to wear on her wedding day. It made it that much more special for me.” For the Curated Collection, this wife, mother and ardent scent lover has selected three different Fleurissimo products – perfume, body lotion and soap – for The Occasion Collection, as she believes that it is important to have your scents complement each other. The House of Creed spoke with Tina about Snob Essentials, her approach to fragrance and what’s next for the blog. Tina Craig
How did Snob Essentials get its start?
It began as a passion project! Kelly Cook (co-founder of Snob Global Media) and I initially treated it as an online journal for the two of us to discuss our obsession with bags. As we grew in readership and recognition, we added Beauty Snob, Shoe Snob, Tot Snob, Couture Snob, etc. Two years ago, we combined all of the channels into one well-curated lifestyle site: Snob Essentials.
Tell us a bit about your approach to fragrance and your fragrance wardrobe.
I’ve tested more than I can count for work (one of the perks of the job!), but I ultimately stick with a few favorites. I wear Fleurissimo so often that my little boy instantly recognizes it. He once got lost in a crowd and said he was about to grab a lady’s hand, but stopped short because she didn’t smell like me. He found me pretty quickly because of my scent! I love layering my fragrances. Using the same kind of soap and lotion as my perfume will make it linger and is less pungent than spraying from head to toe.
What is your favorite scent memory?
Picking honeysuckle in my grandmother’s garden. To this day, it makes me think of her. That’s the wonderful effect of a beautiful fragrance. Honeysuckle is a hard scent to find but when I do, I buy it in bulk.
Why did you select the products chosen for your curated box?
I chose my favorite Creed floral, Fleurissimo. I think it’s important to have your scents complement each other. Whether it’s a body oil, a candle, a shower gel, or your man’s scent, it’s more pleasing if none are clashing.
As a mother, do you have any favorite family holiday traditions?
Every year, my son and I decorate a gingerbread house together. We’re very serious about our gingerbread house; it has a garden, snowmen, and lots of bells and whistles!
How will you be spending the holidays?
We were in LA with family and friends for Thanksgiving, and will be in Texas with my husband’s family for Christmas.
What’s next for Snob Essentials?
We’re excited about our multi-brand e-commerce site and have plans to add beauty into the mix. Stay tuned!