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Creed Royal English Leather

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Royal English Leather was the very first fragrance in a long line of olfactive achievements from the House of Creed. Commissioned by King George III in 1781, the fragrance was created to scent the gloves Creed then made for the English Royal Court.
James Creed - the first generation of the House of Creed - was the king's glove maker. Scented gloves were worn by the court in order to inhale the glove's fine aroma, a popular necessity of the time to combat the odor of the ubiquitously poor hygienic conditions.
The king loved the scented gloves so much, he asked James Creed to make a fragrance . James Creed created Royal English Leather for His Majesty –- and launched the most illustrious dynasty in the history of fragrance.
Creed Royal English Leather has since been vaulted by the House of Creed.


Woody-Spicy / Rich


Rich and dense with soft citrus notes over a leather and woods base. A true classic worn by men and women who appreciate history in a bottle.


Top note: Mandarine, bergamot
Middle note: Ambergris
Base note: Leather and sandalwood


Acier Aluminium

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