Fantasia De Fleurs

Creed Fantasia De Fleurs


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Fantasia de Fleurs is a heady and ebullient floral bouquet created by the House of Creed for the legendary beauty Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, also referred to as Sissi, a European empress known for her beauty and style as well as her royal position.
For three hours each day, ladies in waiting brushed the Empress’s hair (which was long enough to reach her ankles). The royal coiffure was then set and sprinkled with jewels and the royal Creed Fantasia de Fleurs fragrance.
Fantasia de Fleurs is an exceptional blend - a regal bouquet of the best Bulgarian roses and Florentine irises, from which Creed uniquely extracts the oil from the iris' roots, not the flower.


Floral / Rich


Fantasia de Fleurs is an intoxicating stroll through the secret garden of the queen’s inner court. The scent is a luxurious floral bouquet that evokes the essence of Empress Sissi, a woman widely renowned for her exceptional beauty, taste and refinement.


Top note: Bergamot
Middle note: Bulgarian roses, Florentine irises
Base note: Ambergris infusion


Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie
Tubereuse Indiana

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